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Choosing your photographer can be an incredibly intimate choice. Whether you are booking me for your headshots or elopement, you know that you want someone who will respect your bubble. Someone who recognizes how icky it can feel to stare down the barrel of a camera, and wants to make you look as confident as possible. I want you to really want me there, and to trust that I will protect your space as if it were my own. 

Every story, whether it's birth or beyond, deserves to be told with dignity and with all the love in the world. I absolutely adore my clients - and I will never take for granted the time and attention each one requires of me. 


When you come to your consultation be sure to write down anything and everything you need to know about your shoot! I want to help you feel prepared for any event. No matter the occasion, I want you to know that I will give a little of myself in each session I document. 


Get in touch so we can chat. I want to know all about you!

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