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Why 'Referring a Friend' is the best thing you can do for a small business!

Sharing our Facebook or Instagram posts, tagging your friends in the comments, leaving a great review on Google. These things leave us small business owners with the best. feeling. ever.

It's been a while since this photo made the rounds on social media. But the message rings true!

As someone who is constantly internalizing content, I know that engaging with pages you follow can be a bit exhausting. There are SO MANY of them. Everyone's got a side hustle, everyone wants that 'like' and 'share'.

But you know what... I almost always 'like' the post anyways! When I see mutual friends getting their realtor license or starting up their at-home fitness journeys or writing a mom blog, I just get the happiest feeling inside. I am so proud of each and every person who manages to push past the cringey feeling or being brand spanking new at something. Who are excited to share with their networks their latest venture!

Which brings me right around to saying THANK YOU to my own circle of incredible people who do all of the above. When you 'love' my posts, someone in your network sees it. I get the majority of my business from word of mouth or social media sharing. It means the literal world to me that I've been able to meet birth workers and insurance salespeople and yoga instructors and pastors and everything in between.

Photography is one of my favorite things. Getting to connect with truly beautiful people has been what keeps me going!

So please don't ever stop being the person who 'likes' and 'shares' because you are single-handedly making someone's day.

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